came to...on the north-south roads of the west coast, or was it the Adriatic?
recent years... dabbing paint & ink on ceramic tiles of flats a-here and abroad, roasting oats, wallpapering
corporate cubicles and bringing minimalism to the Middle East.
head on... somewhere between straight and kilter, pulling the arts in tow to mix & mash at the altar of graphic design.
happy to... stamp line, colour on paper, reinvent spaces or plan an interface.
finding meaning... in aesthetic necessity – the only clutter in my design (i hope) the dust from the roasted oats.
tired of waiting!... {let's make something}

She studied Visual Arts in Vancouver before garnering a degree in Photography from Ryerson University in Toronto – honing an eye for composition, colour and storytelling. Her passion for capturing stories developed into a love of graphic design – merging typography with imagery, earning a diploma in Graphic Arts & Publishing.

Over the past 10+ years Tomislava has made her nest in boutique studios, large agencies and further on the client side, elevating from Designer to Creative Director. Brand Strategy and Content Development influence her design process, whether it be print, digital or branded spaces – every project is approached holistically from planning to execution. 

Her curiosity for culture and travel has taken her from Vancouver to Dubai, with countless stops in between – studying the human interaction with branding in the visual world. Her focus naturally widened to include designing physical spaces – where human experience is paramount. 

On a more practical note, she has worked with a range of companies from enthusiastic start-ups to established brands such as; Kraft Foods, LCBO, Proctor & Gamble, Nestea, Geico, Pepsi, Go Sport...

Tomislava lives with the ethos that the smallest details in life should possess a refined aesthetic integrity.


Feel free to contact me if you have any question or proposals » mail(at)tomislava(dot)ca