came to...on the north-south roads of the west coast, or was it the adriatic?
recent years... dabbing paint & ink behind my ears, on ceramic tiles of flats a-here and abroad, roasting oats and
wallpapering corporate cubicles.
head on... somewhere between straight and kilter, pulling the arts in tow to mix & mash at the altar of graphic design.
happy to... stamp line, colour on paper, reinvent spaces or plan an interface.
finding meaning... in aesthetic necessity – the only clutter in my design (i hope) the dust from the roasted oats.
tired of waiting!... {let's make something} 
AN ART DIRECTOR & DESIGNER with a background in photography, design and visual art. I have nine years of experience creating work for corporate and independent brands in both the print and digital channels. With a big love for... cultural engagement, building brand identity, photography and collaboration.

I am a strong believer in that the smallest details in life should possess aesthetic integrity.

SELECTION OF CLIENTS. Frito-Lay, Canadian Tire, LCBO, Shoppers Drug Mart, Procter & Gamble, Kraft and The Home Depot.


Feel free to contact me if you have any question or proposals » mail(at)tomislava(dot)ca

INSTAGRAM. tomicafrank
TUMBLR. sleepy golden hurricane